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Introduction to Tai Chi Chuan as a way to relaxation and a holistic health system that balances body and mind.

We’ll start with an introduction to the history of Tai Chi, followed by a short description of the philosophy behind the movements.

We’ll then do a short warm-up and do the first part (first 12 postures) of the Wu (Hao) Style 96 postures long form to get a feel for the postures and transition movements.

Next we’ll go into more detail of the first part of the form, spending some time on each of the 12 posture and the different parts of the body.

This will be followed by standing meditation. We’ll look at three different postures used for standing meditation.

Finally, we’ll do some partner exercises (also known as push-hands, or tui shou).

We’ll end by doing the form together.

This workshop will be in English. 🙂

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